All about Talk-Deck

10? 20? 50? 100?

How about inviting a few thousand more to take a look? Talk-Deck turns any live presentation into an interactive two screen online presentation so you can share your story with anybody, anytime, anywhere, in just minutes. Making a presentation? Why not share it?

Your existing powerpoint slides and a presenter video

Turn your next presentation into an elegant online story teller that can be seen by tens, hundreds, even thousands of people and used for weeks, even months, to tell your story again and again, updating past presentees and informing new ones. Record a video of your next presentation then upload video and slides to the Talk-Deck Presentation Publishing Platform and in minutes you'll have a high quality 2-screen online presentation.

It's like giving your audience members an interactive ring-side seat to watch your presentation.

Talk-Deck's two separate screens maximize the capabilities of video and slides. The presenter is shown on video, while slides display using a separate technology that replicates the detail, colours, and graphics of your original PowerPoint. Precise interactive control enables viewers to go backward and forward, skip portions and replay others that they are interested in.

Designed to replicate the experience of being there at the live presentation

Talk-Deck enables anyone who for whatever reason can't see the live presentation with the opportunity to see that presentation at the most convenient time and location for them. Precise interactive control increases viewer understanding and builds involvement by generating active, rather than passive, viewing.

Embed it on any website, send it out in an email, post it on any social media platform

Share your Talk-Deck with anybody, anywhere - your or any website, paste it an email, post it on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Talk-Deck is a brand-new online communication medium that offers any corporate communications professional a powerful and persuasive communications tool. Want to try making your own Talk-Deck? Try Talk-Deck for free for 30 days. Click on the registration button below and get started.